A bit about us, and our adventures to come…

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

As this is my first post I guess I should introduced myself really. I’m Ellie, and this is Alex.

Ellie & Alex

In a couple of weeks, we are going to be travelling around Central and South America for around 7 and a half months! We will be starting in Cancún, Mexico, and having a week of luxury in a (hopefully) nice hotel! Then we will ‘don the old backpacks and make our way down through Central America, over to Colombia, and then hopefully down to Patagonia before travelling back up through Argentina and out of Buenos Aires in June 2015! Our plans will probably change…they have quite a lot since we started talking about this trip (it has pretty much doubled in size!) but hopefully it will be one to remember…for good reasons!!!

We have both travelled a fair bit before. Alex has done lots of India, South East Asia, and Australia (plus a bit more). I spent 6 months teaching English in Ghana (you can find my blog from that here), and have also travelled around India for a fleeting whiz-bang tour a couple of years ago. So hopefully our combined experience will help us a bit!

But where does the name Eat The Pineapple come from? I hear you ask! Well, this was something that Alex and have talked about for a while now. It basically means carpe diem, or, seize the day. You know when you buy some lovely delicious treat, like a pineapple, and decide to wait until that special occasion to eat it? And then when the special occasion comes around, you discover that it has actually gone off? Well, we decided that it is best to just eat that pineapple when you want to! You don’t want to wait until some “special time” to do exciting things in life, because there is never going to be a time that seems 100% perfect, or when you feel totally ready. However, if you wait too long, your opportunity may have gone. I will explain in another post about our situations and what we have given up for this trip, but I just thought you might like to know where the name came from!

So, what can you expect from this blog? Well, I’m thinking there will be a bit of kit/packing stuff, a bit of budget stuff, some cultural reflections and general observations on our experiences. I might even be able to convince Alex to write every now and again as a special guest!! We shall see about that one eh…!

Think that is all for now. Laters!


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