Goodbyes…and pina coladas!

So we have had a pretty busy couple of weeks with saying goodbyes to friends and family! We went up to Loughborough for a week to spend time with Alex’s lot, so it was lovely for him to catch up with everyone! Alex spent most of the week fretting about which camera would be best to buy and reading reviews, and ended up choosing one he is happy with so far… (after over a week of staring at them in loads of different shops!)

Back home in St Albans we had a BBQ with my friends and family, and I was so happy that so many people came (39 in total I think)! The food was lovely, thanks to Alex’s amazing BBQing skills, and so many generous contributions to the table. Thanks all those who made it and/or who sent their good wishes, both friends and family 😊



Our next task was frantically packing, unpacking, re packing, etc. I was initially going to take my 36 litre rucksack, the Osprey Kestrel 38. I could actually fit everything in but it was a tight fit! Some of you may already know that after a couple of years of working at Cotswolds I have acquired quite a few different rucksacks….but I decided that none were good enough so in the end I had to get a new one…and the so my Osprey Ariel 65 is going to (hopefully) be my new best friend! Alex has my Osprey Waypoint 65 which is designed for travel so it will be interesting to see who gets more annoyed with their bag as we go!

Anyway, after our 23 hour journey from St Albans – Heathrow (thanks Dad!) – Atlanta – Cancun, we arrived at our hotel, the Omni Cancun. We have this week as a bit of luxury before we embark on the journey. I have done all inclusive a few times before, but this is very different and much nicer than the places I have been to before! Apparently it is a 5* resort and there are loads of different bars and restaurants, and despite the fact that it has been raining when we arrived, it is now lovely weather and we have been enjoying the pool and piña coladas (why not drink the pineapple too eh!!). Here are a few pics from the hotel…



Last night we spent the evening chatting to a nice couple from New York and Alex got into the tequila drinking while I explored the cocktail menu. Needless to say it turns out that tequila DOES NOT make Alex happy the next day! He is feeling it a bit today….But the evening was fun! Today we are going to explore downtown Cancun and we have a few adventures booked for our stay, so watch this space!


Ellie xx


3 thoughts on “Goodbyes…and pina coladas!

  1. Hello darlings Have just been hooked up to the technical thingy and am sending greetings and love from sunny Walthamstow, though obviously not quite as sunny as where you are. Your Mum, Ellie, has been helping me do exciting chores like cleaning windows and washing my china!!!! What interesting lives we middle aged women lead. Do hope you’re having a really lovely time together in your whopping hotel!! Keep off the tequila’s Alex!!!….and safe and happy travelling starting tomorrow I believe… Sendiing lots of love from your slightly mad aunt J and your cousin Josh xxxxxxx


    • Thanks Aunty Jane! What an exciting way to spend half term indeed! We are off to Chichin Itza today, the capital of the Mayans and one of the new 7 wonders of the world! Hopefully it will be good and worth the 7am pickup!xxx


  2. HI, Sounds like you are both having a good time, the hotel looks great, nice to meet you when you came to visit myself Roger, and Alex’s grandparents in Worcestershire. xx


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