There once was a girl called Ellie,
Who went to Cardiff Uni.
She worked very hard
And visited bars
Studied Sociology and RE!

Then Ellie moved back to the nest
She wasn’t sure what to next
She worked at a shop
Went climbing a lot
Then went to Ghana to teach as a guest.

For 6 months she stayed over there
It was great, even when they stared
At her “obruni” face
She knew it was the case
That teaching was right, if she dared…

She came back, trained in Secondary
Then in Cambridge she taught RE
But then Alex she met
And they decided to jet
To places away overseas!

Eat the Pineapple is our motto
As we believe now is the time to go!
Why wait for a “treat”
When now you can eat
That lovely thing before it is rotten!

Nearly 8 months we will wander
Through Central and South America.
We’ll start in Cancun
Through jungles and lagoons
On our grand Americas Adventure.

So enjoy my pics and my writes
I hope you will find a delight
In reading my posts
While we make the most
Of our Carpe Diem life!


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